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Brand New Album - OUT NOW

Brand New Album - OUT NOW


Hi, & thanks coming by.  I am a One Man Band & Singer Songwriter based in the UK. My songs & style of delivery are influenced by country folk & Blues.
However I also like to experiment. For my live performances I stick to the simple aim of attempting to create the best sound I can acheive utilising all 5 limbs simultaneously. With drums vocals & guitars.
With recordings I prefer to utilise a little more artistic licence & add stuff beyond what I could do live, according to what suits the song.
I'm really pleased to say that there will be a debut album appearing very shortly. Feel free to tell us what you think of anything you hear or see on here, as we always love to hear from you - cheers The Real Si-B

Sam walker & Shona Foster 

Had the privelage of witnessing the most amazing performances from Sam Walker & Shona Foster at #TheBrunswick in Hove last night, wow so glad I went, as nearly talked myself out of it on account of being skint. Clearly & deservedly they were very well supported (mostly by other #Brighton & #Lewes based artists of one form or another) & it was one of the best gigs I've been to for a long time. Excepting Timber Timbre who I caught recently & who were just unbelievable, Weirdly enough Sam & Shona did a cover of one of theirs songs together with both bands at the end of the night. I've been a fan of Sam Walkers music for many years now, though I've never actually heard Shona play live before & she really did some amazing things. Definately both very unique & outstanding musical talents in my humble opinion.

Once it's safe it's dead ... 

Everyone is afraid to do something that hasn't been proven to work, but once it's a proven thing, it's no longer that effective - just a requirement to not failing. This notion really struck me & comes from this great indie music blog article (thanks for the excellent thought provoking article Jonathan.) It applies to a lot of areas of life & creativity in my view.


Catch 22 - well represented 

Wow, because of a particular #dilema I'm faced with currently, & because I just happen to be looking for an interesting song to #cover,  I thought it would be appropriate to search #Spotify for a #Song with the title #Catch22. Oh my lord ! I never could've imagined just how many songs thee are out there which have been given that title, and in just about every #genre Imaginable. so after about 54 minutes of listening to as many as I could stand to, I realised two things. 1. being a #Radio show presenter or someone who is constantly being sent thousands of demos to trawl through must get a bit tedious sometimes however much you love music, and 2. There probably isn't one that suits my ends so maybe I'll just have to write one instead from an alternative perspective & look for an another song altogether to do a cover of. But hey I learnt something I didn't know before at least, so not a complete waste of time.

Lost in the Hug 

Well Ladies & Gentlemen after two years of working on this, my first ever full album, it's done, it's out, it's here 'Lost in the Hug' is yours to own. The release made on 17/07/2017  is a digital only one at this stage, but we are hoping to start taking pre orders for hard copies shortly so get in touch if you'd like to put yourself forward to be one of the first people to obtain a physical and personally signed by The Real Si-B copy of this album as a CD.

Damn that's Funky ... 

Cor I've just had an absolute killer of a guitar thang / idea appear from wherever the hell these things come to you from,  it's just the funkiest soul blues groove, this has absolutely got to be turned into a song for the next album. Only problem is I'm gonna have to learn how to play it with the drums too & it's already in the guitar territory for me of 'stretched a bit beyond normal comfort zone' ! Oh well it'll be a challenge, can't wait to get the time to really get stuck into this one.

Voice first - always 

It's just a view but, sometimes I forget that it's always the voice that's the first instrument & invariably the best place to start with any new idea & I reckon that applies to pretty much any musical instrument you play.... at least if you're the sort of person who likes to write stuff anyhow.

Hotting up & coming together ... 

Cor things are really hotting up and starting to feel like they're gathering momentum & falling into place for finishing this first album, an I've got to say i'm genuinely feeling excited now, just finished the final vocal for 'Elephant' an it sure sounds like it belongs in the track !


Thank you to the great people working at the Havelock last night,  it was definately a gig I'll remember - nice one guys x

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