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Brand New Album - OUT NOW

Brand New Album - OUT NOW


Hi, & thanks coming by.  I am a One Man Band & Singer Songwriter based in the UK. My songs & style of delivery are influenced by country folk & Blues.
However I also like to experiment. For my live performances I stick to the simple aim of attempting to create the best sound I can acheive utilising all 5 limbs simultaneously. With drums vocals & guitars.
With recordings I prefer to utilise a little more artistic licence & add stuff beyond what I could do live, according to what suits the song.
I'm really pleased to say that there will be a debut album appearing very shortly. Feel free to tell us what you think of anything you hear or see on here, as we always love to hear from you - cheers The Real Si-B


The great news to share is that The Real Si-B will be releasing an album sometime in the new year, it's not possible to say more at the moment but work is well under way on the production and we're very excited about it.

BBC Introducing South - track of the day 

Wow, something good has actually happened !   really delighted to say that Alabama Mambo Blue was chosen yesterday by BBC Introducing South as their track of the day, thank you Melita Dennett & also thanks to Sarah Gorrell for playing the track on your drive time show. Sometimes the work you do just goes un noticed, (unsurprisingly in a world saturated with often very good new music) and that can be disheartening at times, especially over a long period of time, so it's very uplifting and inspiring to get this kind of positive response from people who listen to a lot of stuff & I guess affirmation that somebody's actually connected to the thing you conceived & created.

Brand New Songs by The Real Si-B (Free to download) 

Dear friend, over the coming months we will be releasing a series of brand new songs as unofficial pre release mixes. They will be exclusively available to you to download for free via this website. All you have to do is add your email to The Real Si-B mailing list, and you will immediately receive a copy of Alabama Mambo Blue for free. Plus even better once you are on that mailing list you will then get access to all the other new upcoming pre releases (Please note you will not be bombarded by annoying marketting materials - you will just get the good stuff - for Free!)

Do what you do 

I love the things that people do - like with Blues music, Country, Folk, Rock'nRoll & shit and I so love the sound & vibe that they create, sometimes I wish I could emulate that but ultimately all I can do is be impressed with it, pray that some of that qualty has soaked into me & do the thing that I do, which hopefully celebrates some of those characteristics in an interesting & truthfull (to what I am) way.

Villagebrighton - proper indie, something a bit special unspoilt by greed...  

Well that was fun... And what a great place to play too, there's an air of something special about Villagebrighton, there really aren't very many places like that left in my hometown of Brighton or probably anywhere anymore - a truly 'frontier' style (you get the sense that it's new undiscovered territory & that anything could be possible) and indie venue in every respect, run by some proper good souls too. Most places you go to in Brighton of a night out are made up to look appealingly quirky & shabby relaxed, or crazy delapidated & somehow thrown together on some impulse by car a boot enthusiast whacko designer who had an epiphany whilst tripping on mushrooms, but actually in truth they're owned & backed by the pub/bar equivalent of some fuck off huge corporation. Not this place, it's the real deal. It honestly was a pleasure to play there & I hope that I will do so again.

Ladies & Gentlemen For One Night Only ... 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Appearing tonight and for one night only, The Amazing Human Instrument that is The Real Si-B will perform at the gloriously bijou newly opened @Villagebrighton (BN2 9SH) and create with the aid of some drumskins, stringed instruments, vocal chords and electrification, the breath defying sound of an entire band.Come and be mesmerized - seeing & hearing is believing. And it's Free.

"You're *king brilliant" - BUT... (and herein lies a dilemma) 

After a recent performance to a very small (select) audience, at a very well known & long established Brighton Pub & music venue (which I thoroughly enjoyed) the landlord came up to me afterwards & said this - " You're *king brilliant ! - only thing is, it doesn't matter how good someone is, if they can't draw a crowd because they're unknown, then it doesn't make sense for me to book them for a gig, if I want to stay in business. "
 And herein lies my dilemma, years & years & years of my life & love & soul I've pourred into my music and all of it's led up to this point, and what I can actually do now in terms of writing & performing. It's not a brag it's just a fact, if you put enough energy, effort & time into something you've a natural inclination for, for long enough eventually it turns into something quite interesting  & good - in my case it's taken a bit longer than I thought it would :)
 So anyhow what do I do ? as I write this blog I know I am basically speaking to myself because nobody's gonna read it. I guess I just keep going & try to get out there & play as much as circumstance will allow, & keep believing in what I'm doing. Hoping that something will change & I'll connect with more people who like what I'm doing enough to support it.

You're WHAT ? 

Well you should know that this name is in fact a lie & just another smokescreen, because I'm not really the Real Si-B at all... 'The Real Si-B' is in fact just a brand name for a corporate chain of paranoid South American dicatators (none of whom want you to know where & if they really exist) so they've got several lookalike/soundalikes present at any given time, in every major european city. I bought my franchise for £16.10 (hey life is cheap - but not as cheap as musicians) - Best of luck  finding 'the Real Si-B'


Hoping to release a new track via youtube very shortly, but need to find a gifted animator / video maker to help design & create the look of this & to bring the idea behind the song to life. Please give us a shout if anyone knows of someone. The budget is pretty small, so 'inventive' & 'simple' are really the key things, but wouldn't expect anyone to work for nothing. Thanks.

Yes please... keep me in the loop

'Give yourself a Medal'  out now - on itunes (click the above pic) and Spotify. Or go to the Music page on this Site, to listen to full tracks for free.

'Give yourself a Medal' out now - on itunes (click the above pic) and Spotify. Or go to the Music page on this Site, to listen to full tracks for free.