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Brand New Album - OUT NOW

Brand New Album - OUT NOW


Hi, & thanks coming by.  I am a One Man Band & Singer Songwriter based in the UK. My songs & style of delivery are influenced by country folk & Blues.
However I also like to experiment. For my live performances I stick to the simple aim of attempting to create the best sound I can acheive utilising all 5 limbs simultaneously. With drums vocals & guitars.
With recordings I prefer to utilise a little more artistic licence & add stuff beyond what I could do live, according to what suits the song.
I'm really pleased to say that there will be a debut album appearing very shortly. Feel free to tell us what you think of anything you hear or see on here, as we always love to hear from you - cheers The Real Si-B

The Brunswick Festival ... 

Wow what a great time yesterday playing at the Brunswick Festival & thanks to the organisers for inviting me along it was a real pleasure. Although it's quite a small community run event the standard of the entertainment was impressively high & it was a lovely atmosphere very reminiscent of how festivals used to be before they became massive money making machines, where you get ripped off continually every which way you turn. Thanks guys I had a blast.

Daniel Romano  

Off to see Daniel Romano tonight, really looking forward to that - great songs, hope he plays Chicken Bill, proper deeeep voice, not something you hear every day.

Oh what a night ! 

What a superb night last night at The Brunsick !  loved it. Thanks To Andy for the gig, Tom for the great sound, and Doug & everyone at the bar for just being so friendly & nice. It was fantastic to meet Delaney (who were brilliant & such nice guys) and Will Johns & his band who put on an incredible show with awesome skill & professionalism.
 Hope to have some pics to put up soon, if anyone's interested. And major thanks to Graham Laurence for that, who was a superstar & agreed to come along to take some snaps of the proceedings. Lovely lovely lovely - just great, thanks everyone.

All Change ... 

I have just taken apart my little British (made in Vietnam) Vox AC4TV which is a great guitar amp (I like the small box sound) and swapped the stock speaker for a Celestion G10 Greenback & then changed the tubes for some old Tungsrams made in Hungary in the 60's. The damn thing sounds quite phenomenal, I can't quite believe the difference, sounds knockout 'proper'.


Gary Clark Jr SxSW 2015 

Like this guy a lot because he's got genuine character as an individual, but the cynic in me can't help feeling that there's a big ol' marketing machine grinding & battering away behind him right now, because people want to make money off the back of him & the time is right etc. And by trying to fast track/hothouse  this fella into the next big 'living blues legend'  thing ,  (and there's little doubt success will occur in this due to his youth character & genuine talent & all other factors currently present in the music industry) I still somehow get this slightly queezy feeling that he's being manipulated & used in a way that won't end up good for him. I really hope I'm wrong & hope his journey will be nothing but exhilerating & inspired. Gary Clark Jnr is clearly & definately kind of special & has obviously got something great going on.

Saved by Love & Mojo ....  

What happened today is strange. Having gone from the darkest place of relentless hopeless frustration & despair and a complete sense of having entirely lost the will about everything, I picked up my guitar (when I should've been working) and somehow I've been yanked out of that place, hoiked up by the wedgie of 'Ah so now I remember where I get my light from' - saved by love & mojo. I don't profess to know wtf Mojo is but I sure as hell got a visit from it today - thanks universe. So now I have two blinding new song ideas running round my head. However does that occur ?  I dunno but i sure like the fact it can.

Thanks to The Man of Kent 

A big thankyou to the Heather & Becky & everyone at The Man of Kent Rochester for having me along to play last night. And what a fantastic live music pub too... how rare is it these days to find a great proper pub & live acoustic music venue that 'Just say No' to covers bands & only want original music artists playing their own stuff.

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'Give yourself a Medal'  out now - on itunes (click the above pic) and Spotify. Or go to the Music page on this Site, to listen to full tracks for free.

'Give yourself a Medal' out now - on itunes (click the above pic) and Spotify. Or go to the Music page on this Site, to listen to full tracks for free.