Catch 22 - well represented

Wow, because of a particular #dilema I'm faced with currently, & because I just happen to be looking for an interesting song to #cover,  I thought it would be appropriate to search #Spotify for a #Song with the title #Catch22. Oh my lord ! I never could've imagined just how many songs thee are out there which have been given that title, and in just about every #genre Imaginable. so after about 54 minutes of listening to as many as I could stand to, I realised two things. 1. being a #Radio show presenter or someone who is constantly being sent thousands of demos to trawl through must get a bit tedious sometimes however much you love music, and 2. There probably isn't one that suits my ends so maybe I'll just have to write one instead from an alternative perspective & look for an another song altogether to do a cover of. But hey I learnt something I didn't know before at least, so not a complete waste of time.

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