Gary Clark Jr SxSW 2015

Like this guy a lot because he's got genuine character as an individual, but the cynic in me can't help feeling that there's a big ol' marketing machine grinding & battering away behind him right now, because people want to make money off the back of him & the time is right etc. And by trying to fast track/hothouse  this fella into the next big 'living blues legend'  thing ,  (and there's little doubt success will occur in this due to his youth character & genuine talent & all other factors currently present in the music industry) I still somehow get this slightly queezy feeling that he's being manipulated & used in a way that won't end up good for him. I really hope I'm wrong & hope his journey will be nothing but exhilerating & inspired. Gary Clark Jnr is clearly & definately kind of special & has obviously got something great going on.

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