Villagebrighton - proper indie, something a bit special unspoilt by greed...

Well that was fun... And what a great place to play too, there's an air of something special about Villagebrighton, there really aren't very many places like that left in my hometown of Brighton or probably anywhere anymore - a truly 'frontier' style (you get the sense that it's new undiscovered territory & that anything could be possible) and indie venue in every respect, run by some proper good souls too. Most places you go to in Brighton of a night out are made up to look appealingly quirky & shabby relaxed, or crazy delapidated & somehow thrown together on some impulse by car a boot enthusiast whacko designer who had an epiphany whilst tripping on mushrooms, but actually in truth they're owned & backed by the pub/bar equivalent of some fuck off huge corporation. Not this place, it's the real deal. It honestly was a pleasure to play there & I hope that I will do so again.

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