"You're *king brilliant" - BUT... (and herein lies a dilemma)

After a recent performance to a very small (select) audience, at a very well known & long established Brighton Pub & music venue (which I thoroughly enjoyed) the landlord came up to me afterwards & said this - " You're *king brilliant ! - only thing is, it doesn't matter how good someone is, if they can't draw a crowd because they're unknown, then it doesn't make sense for me to book them for a gig, if I want to stay in business. "
 And herein lies my dilemma, years & years & years of my life & love & soul I've pourred into my music and all of it's led up to this point, and what I can actually do now in terms of writing & performing. It's not a brag it's just a fact, if you put enough energy, effort & time into something you've a natural inclination for, for long enough eventually it turns into something quite interesting  & good - in my case it's taken a bit longer than I thought it would :)
 So anyhow what do I do ? as I write this blog I know I am basically speaking to myself because nobody's gonna read it. I guess I just keep going & try to get out there & play as much as circumstance will allow, & keep believing in what I'm doing. Hoping that something will change & I'll connect with more people who like what I'm doing enough to support it.

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